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IUS-INFO - English


IUS-INFO is Slovenia’s leading online portal for legal and business information. For customers, the IUS-INFO trademark stands for comprehensiveness, quality and reliability of information.

Over the past 20 years, IUS-INFO has become the focal point of legal developments in Slovenia, where all current legal and other information converge into the biggest interconnected collection of legal knowledge.

The portal comprises:

  • Consolidated texts of complete legislation in Republic of Slovenia
  • IUS-INFO Register, a directory of legal acts in force classified by subjects, which contains useful information and references
  • The largest collection of case law from all Slovenia’s courts
  • Legislation and case law of European Union
  • Comprehensive collection of legal publications, professional articles and legal opinions
  • Official notices and calls for public tenders
  • Schematic collection of preparatory acts named Poročevalec Državnega zbora RS
  • Daily updated information on legal matters (news, commentaries and columns)

The distinctive feature of IUS-INFO documents is in their ease of access, in their value-added information and in their interconnectivity, which results in a complete and very efficient the system of content delivery. Document cross referencing enables users to navigate simply through substantially connected collections and provides an intuitive method to search for an answer to specific legal problems.

The complex and often time consuming search for documents among the sea of legal information is a thing of the past. IUS-INFO portal enables easy access to legal content as well as advanced and efficient search enabled by a fast and technologically up-to-date search engine available on every page. The search engine uses advanced filtering to classify found documents according to several criteria so that the more important information is presented at the top of search results.

The development of IUS-INFO portal has always been focused in fulfilling users’ needs, so it also offers many useful accessories for a fast and unified user experience:

  • Timeline provides for a review of legal acts according to the changes of these acts at specific points in time
  • Article comparer enables a detailed comparison showing changes of text
  • IUS Alert is a tool providing daily information about new content on the portal
  • An English-Slovene-English legal dictionary and legal terminological dictionary are integrated with the portal and available on every page
  • Useful numerical data in tables
  • IUS-INFO Weekly provides weekly news on the legal sector
  • Forum Pravniki represents a forum and center for online legal discussions
  • Modern printing in PDF form accompanied with additional information
  • List of attorneys and public notaries as well as other useful references

A significant step forward in the development of IUS-INFO portal is the ever greater possibility for customization (adaptation) of the portal according to specific user needs. The page MOJ IUS-INFO (MY IUS INFO) allows favorite documents to be saved, which enables even faster access to frequently used content, the management of settings for daily information IUS Alert and the management of users’ accounts.

IUS-INFO has become one of the most important day to day tools for lawyers, judges, public notaries, public officials, businessmen, law professors and students, among othersatisfied users.

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